Business Insurance

There is risk involved with operating any business, but you can be prepared for it. Having the right business insurance in place is key to proper risk management. Tower Community Insurance can partner with you to build a policy that will relieve some of the risk and give you a better opportunity to succeed.

Commercial Property Insurance

Insure against damage to your building and contents.

General Liability Insurance

Protect from anything that could go wrong in normal day to day operations.

Farm Owners Insurance

Property and liability insurance coverage for everything on the farm.

Business Owners Insurance

Protects the business that you’ve built against unexpected financial losses due to liability.

Professional Liability Insurance

Liability coverage for the professional services you provide, commonly known as errors and omissions.

Garage Liability Insurance

Provides coverage for automobile dealers.

Business Auto Insurance

Coverage for the business owned automobiles including liability, fire, theft and collision.

Group Health Insurance

Offering group health insurance is a tool for employers to attract and retain valuable employees.

Worker's Compensation Insurance

Insures against liability arising out of an injured employee

Umbrella Liability Insurance

Supplemental insurance that extends beyond business liability and business auto liability insurance limits.

Inland Marine Insurance

Protection for all types of business equipment: logging, construction, musical, computer etc.