Loans and Credit

The addition of cash can make all the difference in the world for a business. Tower Community Bank has Relationship Managers who want to partner with you to help you be successful and grow your business. We will help you to borrow responsibly with competitive rates and terms to keep your business moving forward.

Commercial Real Estate Loans

Whether you need to remodel, add to your space or purchase a new facility, this loan will make it happen.

Term Business Loans

This loan is perfect when you need to buy a new vehicle or add some equipment to your shop. The consistent, scheduled monthly payment helps you plan and stay on budget.

Commercial Lines of Credit

Be prepared for that large purchase. Tower Community Bank offers you more with a line of credit that provides money to you when you need it.

Construction Loans

When you’re ready to construct the building of your dreams that will help your business thrive, we’re here to help.

Agricultural Loans

Agriculture is at the heart of any community and Tower Community Bank is here to help you improve where we all live and work.

Owner Occupied Commercial Real Estate Loans

Take advantage of the equity you’ve worked so hard to build up in your own property, and get the money you need for building improvements or to buy something special for your business.